The backstage life of a strip club


To begin with, the strip club strip club is different. A club in which girls only dance(the girls is virtual strippers), communicate with guests in the common room and in private, without providing sexual services, exists 100% within the framework of the law. Virgins from their number. And an institution in which privat means “numbering” is a brothel.

Virgins is not a brothel. In privates instead of walls hang curtains. This is the only club in Moscow that does not let girls off the shift. No way. In general, “light” clubs are in demand now, where you can stay with a girl and leave your conscience clear, well, to a certain extent.


At the entrance to the club the guest is met by security. They transmit encrypted guest information down the walkie-talkie. In what car he arrived, if in a taxi, then in what class. What is he wearing. If this is a new guest, then the loyalty of the face control and the order of the offer of drinks, tables, food will depend on this “input” information. At the bar, the guest is determined by the club card. All his actions and preferences are written on it. Virgins Club is designed for business representatives, top management, company department heads, “golden youth”, so a high level of the card gives not discounts, but advantages.

For example, a gold card holder can pre-order snacks on the table long before arrival without prepayment and have priority parking at the club entrance. Among the guests there are people in uniform. For club owners, this was a revelation. Unaccompanied girls can enter the club. For them, entry costs twice as much. And they are not allowed to communicate with male guests. This is a common practice when girls pretend to be club guests, but actually come to work, hunting.
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As soon as the guest arrived, they put a candle on his table so that he can get comfortable, make an order in the bar. This is a signal for the girls that while the candle is burning, it is not necessary to approach the guest. After 15 minutes, it is removed. If a guest came to eat, drink and watch, he can leave a candle on his table for 5,000 rubles per hour.


The Virgins trick is that there are girls who have never danced in clubs before. They are called virgins, virgins of striptease. All girls are distinguished by color bracelets: White. That same virgin. They are guaranteed not to become experienced guests. However, there are not many of them at all. Red. Party girl. These girls did not work in striptease, but love to dance. At the pylon they do not undress and do not communicate with the guests. Blue. Experienced striptease dancer. These girls are the most in the club. They spend time with guests at tables and in private, dancing and undressing at the pylon. Yellow. Personal concierge They work in the club to carry out guest instructions. For example, they help find a girlfriend for the evening. Green. Erotic theater pornstars. These girls dance only on stage. They have their own dressing room, they do not intersect with the girls of the club. They also have noticeably more athletic bodies, because all the girls with green bracelets are professional dancers with the appropriate education. The black. Waitress. They are dressed in shorts and stockings, which is what distinguishes them from dancing girls in dresses.
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Most dancers come from other cities. They come with completely different goals. Some live one day, like dragonflies from Krylov’s fable. Others purposefully earn, save, or invest. More or less active girls receive about 200 thousand rubles a month. But there are individual stars who earn more.

On average, a girl works in a club for six months. The permanent staff, the most powerful, totals 50 people. The rest of the girls do not stay long. The routine is justified for the club: new faces are refreshing, not boring, and this does not contribute to the appearance of familiar relations between a guest and a certain girl. He just can “in friendship” forget about the tip.

In American films, the stripper is quite often – this is a taut lady far from thirty. In Russia, on average, “retire” about thirty years. At Virgins, the girls are young, all different, for every taste and color. The club even has twins, they look very impressive on stage!

Another very noticeable point: most girls walk in long cocktail dresses. There is a super-mini, but not everyone is so openly dressed. The inaccessibility of this club attracts a lot more people.
The first thing that caught my attention at the table was that the music plays loudly, while in the club you can calmly talk without straining your ligaments.


There is always someone on the stage and the podium. Firstly, girls do not just dance at the pylon. They dance stunt striptease and especially learn this. But you need to distribute the effort between the stage and the guests, as the shift lasts ten hours. Even in this club, the emphasis is on communication. Secondly, the choreographer with the best dancers puts on erotic numbers. This does not directly affect their income, that is, it is not paid separately, but it works great as a promo for girls. Thirdly, the club has an erotic dance program on outsourcing. These girls do not go beyond the stage. It was not so easy to find a composition with a choreographic school behind them, ready to bare on stage.
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Every 15 minutes, without exception, all the girls are summoned to the stage on a fashion show. On the one hand, it brings variety into the evening, on the other hand, it helps guests not to stay too long with the one that suddenly ceased to like him. Formality eliminates resentment and conflict.

The guys from Virgin made a separate dance-erotic show “Empire of Angels”, it goes on for two hours without a break during a time when the club is not working. They have an idea to surpass Crazy Horse 🙂 To do this, they are actively rehearsing a large composition, and the club has to redo the hall: the stage will be transformed. Moreover, the task is such that at the end of the show, the club begins to work as usual after 40 minutes.

How does a virtual stripper make money?

There are three main sources: tips, privat, and consummation. Consumation – these are stimulating demand, that is, girls are interested in selling certain things. For example, music to order. Virgins canceled the consummation of food and drink: girls can eat and drink unlimitedly. To drink within reasonable limits, they are in the service after all. The girl receives tips for dancing on the podium. This amount is divided 30 to 70. Most of it goes to the girl. Private costs 1,500 rubles. The girl takes the man there for 5-8 minutes. Here the money is divided into 50 by 50. As I already said, curtains hang instead of walls near the rooms, and girls do not provide sexual services in the club. But how can you keep track of this? Simply! There is always a person who goes around all the privates and looks after. If someone screwed up – the reprisal will be completely unpleasant.
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For miscalculation no one gives out cuffs, no. The delinquent girl is summoned to the “tribal council.” All employees are going from small to large, including dancers. And the director begins to panic, the rest join. The girl can only fall through the ground. Looking at this, hardly anyone wants to be in the frontal place. For four years in this industry (another Burlesque club has existed since 2009) there were only two such meetings.

The basic principle of the girls is a little communist. You need to work in the interests of the club and other dancers, not only rowing for yourself. I personally welcome this approach in the field of sales in small and medium-sized businesses.

Girls Health

Despite the fact that this strip club is not a brothel, the health of dancers is monitored thoroughly. Girls are sent for examinations to the therapist, dermatologist and gynecologist once a month.

Life outside the club

Among the girls there are mothers. They have such bodies that the recent pregnancy does not betray.
And there are family ones. Yes, such a job. There was a funny case when a person called the club and asked to find out if such a girl works. The club decided that you never know what a maniac is ringing, will still wait at the door. But the girl was informed about the call. She smiled and said that it was her husband and now she will call him back. He says he called to say that he goes to bed, and breakfast will wait for her on the table.
Most of the girls are young, free and hot.
Girls usually have no other job. A ten-hour night shift is very exhausting. Need to rest.


In Virgins, up to 40-50 girls go on a daily shift. This is a lot for the Moscow club! There are such institutions where they dance only 7-8, liquid, agree. There is always someone on stage here, while the girl goes to the pylon no more than once per hour, and the dance lasts no more than seven to ten minutes. A few people follow the rotation. They are always aware of who went into private and who is free. The club decided to announce access to the pylon into the microphone.

Who are the people who work in the strip club?

The strip manager is the person responsible for the main labor force. He watches the girls before going to the gym: he checks manicure, pedicure, hair removal, even the degree of fragrance. And if something is wrong, sends to the shower, to the master by the legs, hands or to the beautician. The club has full-time masters. And a solarium.
Strip managers are not born. Those who get sick of working as an employee in an office come to this position.
Dancers are engaged in the rotation of young people. It was a great surprise for me to learn that the military, cadets (very young guys) come to this position. They know how to follow a given line like no one, keep everything in mind.
The founders of Virgins are family people with children.

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