Work in striptease – is it that simple?

Answers to the questions “If a girl wants to work in a striptease, is it obligatory for her to stay in a strip club all night? Or can you dance and go home? ” You can do this and that – these are two different types of work in striptease. Let’s consider them in more detail. Work “on a permanent basis” This is work in strip clubs, strip bars, where the whole night on stage to the sad melodies of unhappy love goes striptease. Girls in such clubs work according to a predefined schedule several days a week from sunset (from 21-22 hours) until dawn (until 5-6 hours in the morning). A club may pay its employees a salary, the so-called “guarantee” (usually purely symbolic, only to be enough for a taxi), or it may not pay: each club has its own rules. This guarantee is often “flammable”, that is, if you managed to earn something yourself (tips, consumation, crazy menu), then you are not paid anymore.

Suitable for beginners, as it does not require serious choreographic training. Earnings are unstable: you can sit for one night for free, and earn several thousand rubles on the other. Work “on points” This is work in entertainment clubs, restaurants, banquets or some kind of show where strippers are invited to entertain the public. Usually a boy and a stripper (although there are other options). For half an hour their numbers alternate: three numbers are required from the girl and three numbers from the boy. Immediately after that, each of them receives his salary, quickly and quickly gathers and goes to his next club. Not all platforms have poles installed! That is why people don’t dance in strips on the points (when there’s nothing to hold on to, you don’t really miss them).

Clubs can be located in different parts of Moscow, and even in the suburbs. In the latter case, the driver from the nearest metro station to the club and back to the Moscow Ring Road will be provided by the inviting party. At the points, the artists are required to have completely different dances: not sad and romantic, but cheerful and fiery, not so beautiful as interesting! Almost always, the organizers of the show ask the artists to “play with the people”, that is, to pull someone out of the public onto the stage and provide him with five minutes of fame. Here, the artist’s output is a peculiar, staged, almost circus number, so all the good points have a dance, choreographic, and even gymnastic past. Earnings are unstable: there are too many offers, but there are none.

Work is usually only on Friday-Saturday and everywhere at about the same time – at 1−2 a.m. Conclusion: working in a striptease is always unstable earnings. Here a lot depends on your quickness, therefore, these types of activities very quickly bring up penetrative qualities in a person. Anyone who has worked in a striptease will not disappear anywhere! “I recently started dancing at a strip club on a permanent basis. But I don’t want to work on the crazy menu, and I don’t want to go around the tables, collecting tips. And I am not interested in consummation, because I do not suffer from a lack of communication with the male sex. “I want to dance beautifully on stage, get paid for it and go home – that’s all!” I may disappoint you, but it doesn’t. Most of all, the work of the points is like the ideal you described, but it does not require special beauty and sexuality in dance.

The main criteria on the point are fun and dynamism, since your task here is to amuse and ignite the audience! On the constant, working in such an introvert style, you will not earn anything. The guest has already paid for your dance on stage at the entrance, he will leave you tea only if you come up after the dance and at least dance for him for half a minute. Yes, and leave the set minimum – this is in the best case (it may leave nothing). To the maximum, he will reward you only after a personal and lengthy conversation with you during the consummation, if he finds warmth, sincerity and a rich inner world in you. A man comes to a strip bar for chatting. He can just watch an erotic dance for example virtual striptease on the Internet.

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